JTAGbox is a standard ARM JTAG debugger in a heavy metal case for professional use. It is based on OpenOCD and FTDI’s serial protocol converter chip, widely used for On-Chip debugging and In-System Programming as a quasi standard. Input and output are galvanically decoupled. – So, maximum safety is inherently provided for your precious prototypes. The case is supported by rubber bed-plates and heavy enough, that it will not slip away all the time, like other cheap JTAG debuggers do. The JTAGbox provides a standard 20pins ARM JTAG connector as well as a Mini-USB cable. Together with the popular free and open source debugging software OpenOCD, it works perfectly not only with our own ARM based boards but also with many other ARM cores like ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex A8 and A9, and Cortex M series. Four LED’s provide complete control about input and output powering as well as data sending/receiving.

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Microcontroller Boards

You can choose between the following microcontroller boards, depending on your need for a USB connection for Your application:

  • Bitrelle’s LPC2129 Module with a NXP LPC2129 microcontroller, JTAG, 2 x CAN, RS-232,  4 x LED, 2 x Expansion Ports, 80mm x 50,8mm
  • Bitrelle’s LPC2368 USB Module with a NXP LPC2364 microcontroller, JTAG, USB, 2 x CAN, RS-232, 4 x LED, 2 x Expansion Ports, 80mm x 50,8mm


Peripheral Boards

We also offer the following peripheral boards, which are simply connected to the expansion connectors:

  • Switch module, to switch 4 channels with 12V to 40V and 4A (5A peak), opto-electronicaly decoupled
  • Gyro module witch 3 axis very precise Analog Devices MEMS gyros and 3 axis acceleration sensor
  • Expansion module with standard 2.54 mm connectors for connecting your own peripherals easily. It also provides a standard JTAG connector.


Rapid Prototyping

For Rapid Prototyping needs you can easily design your own peripheral boards. Therefore we offer EAGLE® PCB CAD system circuit diagrams. So you don’t have to design and debug a complete controller board. Just design your specialized components and deliver as quickly as possible to your customers.


Our developers know that comprehensive but as short as possible documentation is a key issue for fast development efforts. So that is what we do, we give you all the information you need.


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