New: Unit Tests

Unit Tests can prevent you from a lot of trouble in your projects. Do you know the situation: A bugfix is done in a module, anything seems to work properly. The fix is checked in. Next week a completely different module that has apparently nothing to do with the first one does malfunction at the customers site. A nervous and costly analyze, that ties up most of the available manpower, shows that the malfunction is a side effect of the bugfix before.

We have seen this many times in many projects but we have also seen exemplary projects with well working Unit Test environments: A bugfix is done in a module, anything seems to work properly. The fix is checked in. Next day the Unit Tests of the automatic night build indicate a side effect in a completely different module that has apparently nothing to do with the first one. The team is amused about the phenomena and discusses it – drinking a cup of tea – until the issue is completely understood. Then it is planed to fix the issue without time pressure long before the next software release to the customer.

In our experience Unit Testing is still one of the biggest lacks in most projects. Mostly it is missed already in the beginning of the project to add a working Unit Test environment to the build environment. This is some extra initial work, of course. But after the Unit Test environment is running, it is worth many times the effort. The projects expensive and stressful debugging phase will be much shorter. The software quality will be much higher. The customer will be satisfied. Unit tests point out problems that manual module tests or peer reviews can never expose.

Unit Tests should be written by your developers, too. It makes no sense to outsource them completely to offshore companies. Such an approach has no benefit for your project and only meets process requirements. It is only extra cost. On the other hand, if your developers have to write the tests by their own and don’t know how to start, if they have no idea how to utilize the huge benefit of Unit Tests for their programming work, the motivation may be low and the outcome, too. The best compromise is a launch within your project by experienced specialists and a continuous, attendant Unit Test training of the team members until the handover reaches 100%

We offer you expertise and consultancy in Unit Testing. We are experts in the industry standard CppUnit framework for testing C++ as well C code and have a long experience in writing Unit Tests. We test higher layer functions as well as drivers, register accesses and interrupt service routines. We can install you a framework at any point of your project. It is never too late to establish Unit Testing. Think about your upcoming projects and start Unit Testing now. Don’t hesitate to ask us.

The journey is going on

In the last quarter we could repeatedly confirm and deepen our expertise in the Autosar® architecture higher layers. We are adepts of the Vector® Toolchain and also know how to navigate inside the Autosar® arxml files by programming any kind of helper scripts or generators that is needed for your project.

We have also invested a lot in our hardware expertise. New products with ARM® cores and a nice JTAG programming device are coming up and we have a lot of fun with two new prototypes that are communicating well over CAN and USB and blinking lively. Our sensor experience reaches now from temperature and pressure sensors over acceleration and rotation rate to magnet field sensors and servo encoders. We know how to handle multi sensor fusion approaches, e.g. with Kalman filters, if you need this.

We also pushed forward our Eclipse and GCC based programming environment with our own hardware abstraction layer. Our own CAN, SPI and USB drivers have been revised and a I2C driver has been added to append I2C sensors. Besides our own preemptive OS this HAL is part of our ARM® rapid development kit.

We are working hard on improving quality by strictly using content management systems and strictly working with change trackers like JIRA® as well by introducing a MISRA® code checker, by launching a common unit test environment and soon night builds for continuously improving the quality.

Studentische Hilfskräfte gesucht

Studentische Hilfskräfte gesucht

Wir sind ein Unternehmen, das Software und Hardwareprototypen im Automobilbereich erstellt. Wir suchen Studenten m/w in höheren Semestern aus den Fachrichtungen Elektrotechnik, Informatik oder vergleichbaren Fachrichtungen.

Wenn Du Dich eher als Softwerker bezeichnen würdest, dann solltest Du mindestens in C, besser in C++ sattelfest sein und ein bisschen hardwarenahe Erfahrung haben (z.B. mit dem RasperyPi). Du solltest Dich mit Linux, Eclipse und den GNU-Tools make, gcc, gdb, etc. auskennen. Vielleicht kennst Du Dich auch mit Qt, OpenGL und OpenAL aus.

Wenn Du Dich eher als Hardwerker bezeichnen würdest, dann solltest Du Dir mit Eagle Mehrlagen-Designs und BGA-Routing von Hand zutrauen (zumindest fuer kleinerer BGA’s < 200 Pins) und Dich mit JTAG auskennen. Ein bisschen C-Programmierung zur Inbetriebnahme von Prototypen gehört selbstverständlich dazu.

Du solltest Englisch gut lesen und schreiben können und mindestens 40 Stunden im Monat Zeit haben, davon einen zusammenhängenden Tag entweder Mo, Fr oder Sa. Unser neues Büro befindet sich übrigens in Bus- oder Fahrradreichweite der TU Berlin.

Wir freuen uns auf Deine Bewerbung, in der Du kurz Deine Kenntnisse in den o.g. Anforderungen darstellst.

info (_at_)

Looking for Software Developers

Bitrelle GmbH is looking for software developers. After a training period in Berlin you will fly weekly to our customers in the automotive industry and support their projects.

We presume a good knowledge of the programming languages C or C++

Additional knowledge in the field of hardware would be advantageous.

So you are interested in working interdisciplinary in international teams. You want to work systematically and intensively in a professional and convenient working atmosphere?

You like to be always informed about the latest state-of-the-art and want do develop continuously?

You are looking for fascinating challenges and experiences at our customers inland and abroad, while continuing living in Berlin and spending your spare time here?

Then we look forward to significant application documents you are sending us by e-mail. You are welcome to indicate your salary expectation.

Contact: info (_at_)

Software-Entwickler gesucht

Die Bitrelle GmbH sucht einen Software-Entwickler. Nach einer Einarbeitungsphase in Berlin würden Sie wöchentlich zu unseren Kunden in der Automobilindustrie fliegen und diese in ihrem Projekt unterstützen.

Gute Kenntnisse der Programmiersprachen C oder C++ werden vorausgesetzt.

Kenntnisse im Bereich Hardware wären von Vorteil.

Sie haben interesse an interdisziplinärer Arbeit in internationalen Teams und wollen systematisch und intensiv in professioneller und angenehmer Atmosphäre arbeiten? Sie wollen technisch immer „state-of-the-art“ sein und sich fachlich weiterentwickeln?

Sie wollen spannende Aufgaben und Erfahrung bei unseren verschiedenen Kunden im In- und Ausland sammeln, aber trotzdem in Berlin wohnen und ihre Freizeit verbringen?

Dann freuen wir uns auf Ihre aussagefähigen Bewerbungsunterlagen, die Sie uns bevorzugt per Email übermitteln. Gerne können Sie Ihre Gehaltsvorstellungen angeben.

Kontakt: info (_at_)

Team Work for the Automotive Industry

After working many years as an independant consultant mostly for Automotive Supplying Industry my customers were asking me more and more, if I could work for longer times or even for different projects at the same time. Of course this is only possible under certain rare circumstances. I have decided now to satisfy my customers needs by increasing the possible workload by the growth of my company. From now on I offer not only an ‘one-man show’, from now on I offer me and my team. I take the responsibility for the technical and human quality of my people and will be able to back them by our companies mobile infrastructure at any time at any place.

This is Bitrelle GmbH: An international working company of smart experts, selected, prepared and supported by a very experienced automotive industry expert. We know exactly which kind of people and skills you need for your projects.

Sincerely, Ralf Schaefer

ARM Rapid Prototyping Boards

Welcome to our website. Bitrelle offers You new advanced ARM development boards. These boards are perfect for rapid prototyping solutions.

The boards are characterized by

  • comprehensive documentation
  • many tutorials
  • software libraries for microcontroller peripherals
  • software libraries for board peripherals
  • precisely scalable power consumption by configuration
  • precisely scalable code size by configuration
  • small footprint boards
  • expansion connectors
  • JTAG connector for programming and debugging
  • RS-232 connector for monitoring
  • popular bus systems like CAN and USB

Microcontroller Boards

You can choose between the following microcontroller boards, depending on Your need for a USB connection for Your application:

  • Bitrelle’s SCHAEFER LPC2129 Module with a NXP LPC2129 microcontroller, JTAG, 2 x CAN, RS-232,  4 x LED, 2 x Expansion Ports, 80mm x 50,8mm
  • Bitrelle’s SCHAEFER LPC2368 USB Module with a NXP LPC2364 microcontroller, JTAG, USB, 2 x CAN, RS-232, 4 x LED, 2 x Expansion Ports, 80mm x 50,8mm

Peripheral Boards

We also offer the following peripheral boards, which are simply connected to the expansion connectors:

  • Switch module, to switch 4 channels with 12V to 40V and 4A (5A peak), optoelectronically decoupled
  • Gyro module witch 3 axis very precise Analog Devices MEMS gyros and 3 axis acceleration sensor
  • Expansion module (coming soon), with big connectors, for connecting Your own peripherals easily

Rapid Prototyping

For Rapid Prototyping needs You can easily design Your own peripheral boards. Therefore we offer EAGLE(R) PCB CAD system circuit diagrams. So You don’t have to design and debug a complete controller board. Just design Your specialized components and deliver as quickly as possible to Your customers.


Our developers know that comprehensive but as short as possible documentation is a key issue for fast development efforts. So that is what we do, we give You all the information You need, but You will not have to read bibles.


This is the place where You can buy our products online:


You can download Bitrelle Tech ARM Rapid Prototyping Software here:

  • Development Tools
  • Target Software
  • Host Software