We offer you experts that are prepared by us to be fully integrated into your industry software projects after a very short period. Depending on the engineering effort, on the complexity and size of the project you can rely on our highly motivated helping hands always as soon as possible.

“During many years working in automotive projects I had often witnessed the allocation of IT consultants, not having the set of basic engineering skills that are needed in typical big industry projects, even if they were actually good in their profession and specialization. Or they owned that technical skills but did not have the necessary communication competencies. In my understanding a consultant is primary a supporter, who is able to perform at least as a fresh and friendly helping hand, taking workload from the core team members. In exhausted and overloaded very dynamic environments of typical automotive industry projects, a damping element is needed and not an additional stress factor. The worst case scenario, that consultants produce even more work, happens not infrequently, especially if very self confident consultants and companies think they are doing 110% right.”, says Mr. Schaefer, our companies founder.

Individual education, specialization and working experience is provided by the programmers and engineers, by the human beings and their personal vitae. We are able to select the right people for your projects because of our broad experience. Our company takes care they all provide common basic software engineering skills and understanding needed in typical industry projects plus the individual expert knowledge you are searching for your project. Our company and our people fully appreciate the groundwork and expertise of your core teams and will always strengthen them and relieve the pressure while supporting them as much as possible.

Our people are prepared. They will help your teams immediately and will boost your projects.

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