Looking for Software Developers

Bitrelle GmbH is looking for software developers. After a training period in Berlin you will fly weekly to our customers in the automotive industry and support their projects.

We presume a good knowledge of the programming languages C or C++

Additional knowledge in the field of hardware would be advantageous.

So you are interested in working interdisciplinary in international teams. You want to work systematically and intensively in a professional and convenient working atmosphere?

You like to be always informed about the latest state-of-the-art and want do develop continuously?

You are looking for fascinating challenges and experiences at our customers inland and abroad, while continuing living in Berlin and spending your spare time here?

Then we look forward to significant application documents you are sending us by e-mail. You are welcome to indicate your salary expectation.

Contact: info (_at_) bitrelle.com

Software-Entwickler gesucht

Die Bitrelle GmbH sucht einen Software-Entwickler. Nach einer Einarbeitungsphase in Berlin würden Sie wöchentlich zu unseren Kunden in der Automobilindustrie fliegen und diese in ihrem Projekt unterstützen.

Gute Kenntnisse der Programmiersprachen C oder C++ werden vorausgesetzt.

Kenntnisse im Bereich Hardware wären von Vorteil.

Sie haben interesse an interdisziplinärer Arbeit in internationalen Teams und wollen systematisch und intensiv in professioneller und angenehmer Atmosphäre arbeiten? Sie wollen technisch immer „state-of-the-art“ sein und sich fachlich weiterentwickeln?

Sie wollen spannende Aufgaben und Erfahrung bei unseren verschiedenen Kunden im In- und Ausland sammeln, aber trotzdem in Berlin wohnen und ihre Freizeit verbringen?

Dann freuen wir uns auf Ihre aussagefähigen Bewerbungsunterlagen, die Sie uns bevorzugt per Email übermitteln. Gerne können Sie Ihre Gehaltsvorstellungen angeben.

Kontakt: info (_at_) bitrelle.com

Team Work for the Automotive Industry

After working many years as an independant consultant mostly for Automotive Supplying Industry my customers were asking me more and more, if I could work for longer times or even for different projects at the same time. Of course this is only possible under certain rare circumstances. I have decided now to satisfy my customers needs by increasing the possible workload by the growth of my company. From now on I offer not only an ‘one-man show’, from now on I offer me and my team. I take the responsibility for the technical and human quality of my people and will be able to back them by our companies mobile infrastructure at any time at any place.

This is Bitrelle GmbH: An international working company of smart experts, selected, prepared and supported by a very experienced automotive industry expert. We know exactly which kind of people and skills you need for your projects.

Sincerely, Ralf Schaefer

ARM Rapid Prototyping Boards

Welcome to our website. Bitrelle offers You new advanced ARM development boards. These boards are perfect for rapid prototyping solutions.

The boards are characterized by

  • comprehensive documentation
  • many tutorials
  • software libraries for microcontroller peripherals
  • software libraries for board peripherals
  • precisely scalable power consumption by configuration
  • precisely scalable code size by configuration
  • small footprint boards
  • expansion connectors
  • JTAG connector for programming and debugging
  • RS-232 connector for monitoring
  • popular bus systems like CAN and USB

Microcontroller Boards

You can choose between the following microcontroller boards, depending on Your need for a USB connection for Your application:

  • Bitrelle’s SCHAEFER LPC2129 Module with a NXP LPC2129 microcontroller, JTAG, 2 x CAN, RS-232,  4 x LED, 2 x Expansion Ports, 80mm x 50,8mm
  • Bitrelle’s SCHAEFER LPC2368 USB Module with a NXP LPC2364 microcontroller, JTAG, USB, 2 x CAN, RS-232, 4 x LED, 2 x Expansion Ports, 80mm x 50,8mm

Peripheral Boards

We also offer the following peripheral boards, which are simply connected to the expansion connectors:

  • Switch module, to switch 4 channels with 12V to 40V and 4A (5A peak), optoelectronically decoupled
  • Gyro module witch 3 axis very precise Analog Devices MEMS gyros and 3 axis acceleration sensor
  • Expansion module (coming soon), with big connectors, for connecting Your own peripherals easily

Rapid Prototyping

For Rapid Prototyping needs You can easily design Your own peripheral boards. Therefore we offer EAGLE(R) PCB CAD system circuit diagrams. So You don’t have to design and debug a complete controller board. Just design Your specialized components and deliver as quickly as possible to Your customers.


Our developers know that comprehensive but as short as possible documentation is a key issue for fast development efforts. So that is what we do, we give You all the information You need, but You will not have to read bibles.


This is the place where You can buy our products online:


You can download Bitrelle Tech ARM Rapid Prototyping Software here:

  • Development Tools
  • Target Software
  • Host Software