The journey is going on

In the last quarter we could repeatedly confirm and deepen our expertise in the Autosar® architecture higher layers. We are adepts of the Vector® Toolchain and also know how to navigate inside the Autosar® arxml files by programming any kind of helper scripts or generators that is needed for your project.

We have also invested a lot in our hardware expertise. New products with ARM® cores and a nice JTAG programming device are coming up and we have a lot of fun with two new prototypes that are communicating well over CAN and USB and blinking lively. Our sensor experience reaches now from temperature and pressure sensors over acceleration and rotation rate to magnet field sensors and servo encoders. We know how to handle multi sensor fusion approaches, e.g. with Kalman filters, if you need this.

We also pushed forward our Eclipse and GCC based programming environment with our own hardware abstraction layer. Our own CAN, SPI and USB drivers have been revised and a I2C driver has been added to append I2C sensors. Besides our own preemptive OS this HAL is part of our ARM® rapid development kit.

We are working hard on improving quality by strictly using content management systems and strictly working with change trackers like JIRA® as well by introducing a MISRA® code checker, by launching a common unit test environment and soon night builds for continuously improving the quality.

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