Providing quick and reliable solutions to our customers

Our Mission

Bitrelle GmbH is an engineering company located in Berlin and Vienna. Our mission is providing our customers quick and reliable solutions for software development and testing. Our typical customers are international operating industrial concerns. We offer project support or outsourcing of whole sub-projects. We are covering the following domains:

  • Hardware related software (Low level drivers, HAL, MCAL, Linux drivers, Windows drivers)
  • OpenGL 3D graphics for Android and Linux systems
  • System testing, Software testing, Unit testing, Test automation
  • Hardware development of auxiliary microcontroller boards for testing purposes (e.g. for sensor simulation, signal stimulation in test environments, actuator simulation)
  • Embedded communication and Sensor Fusion solutions

Bitrelle GmbH’s roots are Embedded Software. We are experts for Hardware-related software, Drivers, RTOS Intertask Communication, Actuator control, Sensor data processing and Bus communication. Embedded Software is also the focus of our Berlin office.

Our office in Vienna is focusing on 3D-Graphics Programming, Virtual Reality, GUI programming and portable solutions with Bluetooth and Android.

Our customers are predominantly located in the following industrial sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Medical Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Sensors and Actuators

We also did projects for Aerospace and Heavy Engineering.

From our Berlin office it is not far to Brandenburger Tor
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